Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bare Metal.

I'm not so much into bikes - but I do love them when they look like jet engine motors. Bikes have to be super interesting to get my attention.

This one is out of Elite Metal Designs of Grass Valley. That guy was a long way from home.


  1. Whoa! Bikes don't really do much for me either -- but this one's totally HOT. Those lines take my breath away. Would I want to ride it, though? Nope, definitely not.

  2. Yeah. I like having skin.

    I got put off of bikes early on. Had one crash in front of me. Plus had a friend who had savage skin grafts. He described bike riders in two types. Those who have had accidents and those that will. I'd already had a hill spill on a manual bike. So it was pretty effective. Well, that and knowing how long it takes to get rid of road rash. Still have a pretty big scar on my hip.

    Plus, I don't think these bikes are sporting shocks. So...