Saturday, April 03, 2010

As much fun as riding a train in India.

Maybe you were sitting home today thinking - damn, instead of cramming my face with chocolate Easter bunnies - I should have made it up to wondercon in San Fransisco. This handy three minute video will save you all the guilt. My voice is the one who says "I'm screwed. Totally screwed". It was so packed you could barely see anything. I finally had to bail without even walking a quarter of the show space. I don't really think anyone was having much fun. Any time you would mutter how ridiculous it was - you'd get people chiming in. Mr S. recounted that just saying the word "man" in an exasperated way would get commiseration.


  1. And you sound like a hippy. Totally like a hippy. ;-)

  2. I'm getting itchy just looking at that photo of the crowd.
    I would totally geek out at one of those cons though.