Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I know you can replace me. You have the whole internet!

I really am trying to find you interesting stuff to see, or read. I was up in the city yesterday, and there wasn't even one thing I found interesting. In the whole city!

Oh! Unless you think metal palm trees are interesting. I think this guy is trying to supplement his income. It started out with one tree a few months back, and now he has a bunch of them in the front yard. Occasionally I see him holding a yard sale. Which I'm guessing is a way to get out of being an actual business. Yet, I find the whole thing a little weird, because he knows we have real palm trees on every block. Right? In the summer time, they don't look much different than these metal ones.

As a matter of a fact, there was a small one at my house when I moved in a couple of years ago. I never got around to taking it out because it was so small. Now it's become all invasive. Sending out shoots everywhere. Now I have to put the clampdown in it.

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