Monday, April 19, 2010

Gates of Hell.

Normally I don't do anything to my photos other than a couple runs of sharpen. However, every since the first time I went to Sacramento - I've been out of my mind trying to learn how to do High Dynamic Range photography. Sacramento has some really amazing HDR photographers.

I've found it pretty challenging since you have to take the exact same photo several times with different light settings. Then overlay them on each other to take advantage of the dark and light hues. Mostly the photos have turned out pretty blurry.

I've been wanting to get this Rodin piece for a while. I never seem to have my camera the last times I've seen it. Finally I was able to get a subject that was at least postable. Not sure I'm completely crazy about the outcome. But, at least I don't hate it.


  1. Kind of hard to tell what to make of such a small version. Does Blogger not let you have a larger (clickable) version underlying what's on the blog?

  2. Yeah. It does. But the small photo actually looks better than the full sized one.

  3. Yeah. It's a complicated medium to work with.