Friday, April 16, 2010

Lame Hippies at the San Jose Tea Party.

Normally, I might not be so bold to draw in the hippies to the blog. In this case I have to make an exception. Because really - they need to know that even though they thought they were being extreme and edgy. They were pretty lame. And really? A ten year old reference to Lil Jon? Here. While they were dancing around, they kept doing this.

Oh yeah. Some of us get stoner humor. Duh!

Honestly - I spent the entire spread of the financial meltdown watching scarred and jackass. From October to at least January. There is something about watching people get compound fractures that just makes possibly loosing all your money not seem as bad. So their goofy little antics kinda just sucked. Although. I did get a funny story.

I was waiting for them to do something interesting. For the blog. And this tall guy starts talking to me. He says - you should have seen what they were doing earlier.

Me - what were they doing?

Him - I wouldn't really want to say.

I kind of look at him and go back to watching these guys. Then he pipes up again.

Him - Well, I took pictures.

Me - In an excited fashion I say "oh do show!"

He whips out his cell phone. The sun was sort of bright so I couldn't see it that well, but it looked like a guy holding a water bottle imitating his peen.

Me - Is that a water bottle?

Him - no! Look at it.

Me - Oooooh. When did they pull out the vibrator?

Because you know at this point, I'm hoping they do it again so I can get a picture. The guy and I talk for a little while then he says "you know that one person in the yellow is a girl. I thought it was a boy, but it isn't. It's a girl.

I quickly check the guys crotch.

Me - No, that is a guy.

Him - No I think it's a girl.

Me - he's got a sack. That is a boy.

Him - No I think it a transsexual.

Him - No. Look at him. He's got an Adam's apple.

It went on like this for a while. He was still convinced that guy was a girl. Even funnier is that he was all transfixed on the tyranny thing, but refused to say the word vibrator. And he was a really young guy.

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