Friday, April 09, 2010

Every day I see this - it means something different to me.

Your mileage may vary.

I probably won't have much this weekend. But who knows. When I think I will have something great - it turns out to be shit. And when I think I have nothing - something funny happens. It's called being flexible People.

Mostly I'm going to get my taxes finished. And thankfully - it doesn't look like my state will be going bankrupt before I get my refund. Figures I would have a refund when things get all crazy. I try to make sure that never happens. A refund I mean. Last year was crazy though. What can I say.

Then bunny spa. For the bunnies. With possible bun-gina cleanings. Thankfully that doesn't need to happen very often. I always console myself that at least I don't have to drain a dogs ass. Bunny scent glands are a breeze compared to that.

Then garden crap. My toms are at the point where they want to be put in the ground. I'm going all technicolor this year. Pink,black,green and normal red ones. Honestly, I have a crazy kink for purple vegi's. Though not eggplant. I'm putting in purple soy beans this year. Onions I've been putting in for a week or two. Oh yeah. For all the bitching about hating mother earth - I go all organic and crap. Yep. That's me. Hypocrite! The difference is - I don't care if you put agent orange on whatever you grow. Your choice.

Which brings me to comment on soybean farmers. Oh! Those guys have an effing job. I swear to you - when I plant them, I have to go out with the flash light at night for weeks trying to keep the pill bugs from eating them. A completely crazy act, and I'm sure the neighbors think I'm completely insane. But, what are you going to do?

By the end of the weekend though - I do hope I'll get something interesting for you. Becuase I know the only reason you come here is to be entertained.


  1. Embrace your inner hippy: with organic veggies!

  2. I don't eat organic otherwise. I think chemicals are completely fine. I just have tons of bunny ass that makes great fertiliser, and I don't have to measure and make sure I don't kill anything by over doing it.