Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is why I don't get invited to stuff for free.

Yesterday I was out at an Augmented Reality conference.

I had to think about this post long and hard. After all, the conference was nice enough to give me a blogger pass.

Even though I feel pressure to give them a fantastic post, I can't pretend to be excited about something I wasn't. Which sucks, because this is a technology that I'm really excited about.

I know conferences are notoriously boring, but I honestly can't believe people paid to get into that place. I'm not even in the AR field and I had already seen all of that stuff on youtube or in the wild.

Barely any live demos, and I didn't even see one QR code. It was basically an expensive meeting where everyone tuned out and basically surfed face book and twitter.

I initially was going to pay to get into the conference, and I would have flipped out given how bored I was.

Still, there are too many people poking around in the AR world to not think it will be a bigger part of our lives. It feels like the early days of robotics, or 3D. Hell, even Kotex is experimenting with the application. Which is kinda weird. I'm only pointing it out because I think it is an obscure usage.


  1. What? You mean "augmented reality" isn't just a euphemism for hallucinogenic drug use?

    [And please note Keyser's restraint. Not a hippy joke to be found here...]

  2. Even more frightening? Hallucinogenic drug use on augmented reality.


    If this moved to some kind of heads up display you can wear and walk around - the world is going to get a little freaky. I mean, people are already making t-shirts.

    This one is a little creepy. Here and Here.

    It would take Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas to a whole nuther level.

  3. Geez, and imagine what it would be like if you could add in a bit of porn for the geeks...