Monday, April 26, 2010

Unusual, but not bad ass.

Other shots here and here.

I'm pretty over the car show from the weekend. I was going to put a lambo in here. Because, they always seem to get on the blog. But seriously - I am so bored of Lambos I could lose my mind. Which sounds like a really ridiculously snobby thing to say.

Plus, I almost hate taking pictures of them now. The owners always want to have all the doors open, and it is just a bitch to get a great shot.

This copper car I'd seen before. I'd just never seen the back - and that is the interesting thing.

That is all. I'll save you from the rant about trying to photograph it. Oh, screw it.

Guy walks up to me and says "oooh - I really like this one. Do you like this one"? Then walks right in front of my shot. My thought bubble says "no - I hate it, which is why I'm trying so hard to get a clean shot".

I guess I didn't save you that much from the rant.

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