Monday, April 26, 2010

Can I have a tiny pony?!

Honestly, I'm not into horses - but, I want a tiny pony. Here.

My bunnies weight more than this thing. And, they are medium breeds at 8 pounds. Not even heavy breeds. They still weigh a full 2 pounds more than this thing.

I love my bunnies, but I had to get my dog on this weekend. Which sounds creepy. It isn't. Sometimes I just need to hijack some else's dog. Temporarily.

I don't really want to own a dog. But, I love them, and Mr S. is allergic.

So allergic - I let a dog kiss all over me this weekend and Mr S. swelled up, just from kissing me. A contact kiss.

My thing about horses is I'm against owning anything that when it dies, you have to rent equipment to get it off your property. Mr S's sister had a horse die in the middle of a snow storm and had to wait to get someone out to remove it. And, it isn't like you can hide a dead horse. It is right there. Well, under the snow. But still.

So.. a tiny pony it is. Even though I bet it will have all sorts of health problems.

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