Thursday, April 08, 2010

Crazy creeps in.

I don't talk about my relationships much here. I don't need to share everything with the world. Yet, there is one bit of dysfunction in my life that is worth talking about. I can't seem to rid myself of it. Normally I try to cut those people out like a cancer. I grew up in dysfunction - so, my tolerance is low.

It's my renter. Oh yeah. That guy.

Last month, things had gotten as bad as they could be. And, I've wanted to evict that guy a million times. A million! In a stronger market, that guy would have been gone so quick his head would spin.

I mean, things were bad enough that I told him I thought he was a chronic liar. He and I have known each other for maybe 6,7 years. So, it wasn't just like telling someone you didn't know they were a liar. Obviously I would have cut him out of my circle much sooner if I had this opinion years earlier.

Still, until he stops paying rent altogether - I can't serve him.

This month, he pays on time. For him. I'm just super happy I don't have to spend all month being pissed. I go on with my life.

This morning he texts me asking how we are doing. Normally I might have just texted him back. But since I'd basically laid him bare last month I decided to call. And, he just wants to shoot the shit. Like old times.

On one hand I think this is the perfect example of how guys are. You can tell them they are skeeby liars one day, and you are having a beer the next. Chicks don't get that kind of shit.

Now sure, he isn't going to get just anyone on the planet to let him pay whenever the fuck he wants. Yet, he doesn't really have to put out any effort for that. He knows the laws of California are as much as I do.

So the whole thing just makes my brain hurt. I just don't know why he always has to take the hard road. All he has to say is - dude, things are rough this month I need a little extra time. Yet he won't. He has to make it into this whole big drama.

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