Sunday, April 04, 2010



  1. Yeah - we had a flemish giant for a while. It was the closest thing Mr S. got to a dog. She was 23 pounds. Here.

    We both love dogs, but Mr S. is allergic. Unless we were going petless - it was rabbits.

    She was a really big girl though. You had to really steady yourself to handle her. Like most big breeds of anything - super calm. Like having the great dane of rabbits.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Yours (Amber?) was cuter than the one in the story!

    Keyser wants a bunny, but Mrs. S. says no. Bunnies and cats don't mix. But Keyser bets those big ones wouldn't put up with any crap from no stinkin' cats! :-)

  3. A bunny could hold it's own with a cat any day of the week. But, you aren't going to get 16 years out of a bunny. You always have to remember they are a prey animal. So when they get sick (and they will) they've been hiding their illness. They haven't gotten past evolution so much. So, you pretty much have to take action as soon as you see something is wrong.

    Given that - the big ones are pretty awesome pets. Also, like most big breeds - they don't last as long. See a theme?

  4. Well, we'll probably stick to cats. But bunnies sound like fun. (FWIW, Sarah's 19 and Max is 18, and they're both going strong. You can't say you don't get a bang for your buck with cats.)

  5. Hahahah. I can talk anyone out of a bunny. I'm awesome at it.

    Seriously though. If I could have a dog that lasted a lot longer - I'd probably do that.

    Don't get me wrong. Bunnies are smart entertaining pets. The lifespan, not so much. I do have one going on 12. But, he is really the exception rather than the rule.

    Cats are probably your best bet.