Monday, March 09, 2009

That was a pretty dumb ass thing to do.

Right about midnight last night - I became obsessed with finding my set of keys for the Solstice. Mr. S's fob had failed, and you need both of them to get them reprogrammed. The room I was looking in had no light. And I didn't want to go get a flashlight. Being the super bright individual I am, I thought "hey, I have a laser pointer right here".

Hey! Things have been stressful. It obviously wasn't one of my smarter moments. What can I say? But, at least it wasn't the super powerful laser pointer that you need to turn a tiny key before you can flip the power on.

I never did find my key. But Mr S. and I had the following conversation.

Me - Mr S! Do you think I could have ruined my eyes by using the laser pointer as a light?

Him - No.

Me - But everything has a green tinge now.

Him - Snarkolepsy, that one isn't powerful enough. The green ting will even out in a little while.

We go on to watch Craig Ferguson. After about five minutes:

Me - Baby, are you sure I couldn't have damaged my eyes? They feel all gritty now. It couldn't be like that guy who put his head in a particle accelerator.... (this is where he interrupts me)

Him - Where you go to sleep only to wake up blind?

Me - Yes!

Him - No. It isn't like that.

Me - That was such a dumb thing to do. And I really like my eyes. It turns out the economy has made me into a common man.

Him - That's good, because manual labor jobs are all your going to be able to get.

Me - Well, that is fine for me. What about you? You have a hard time keeping track of your digits.

Him - Told to me by the woman who just used a laser pointer as a flash light.

Me - Yeah - I've just lost a ton of moral high ground haven't I?

Him - Yeah.

Me - I shouldn't have said anything, and just gone to sleep and woken up blind.

End of story.

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