Thursday, March 05, 2009

Step up to the plate for a real world lesson.

Let me tell you a story. Mr S. works for a place that used to subsidize the cafeteria. That is before the economy went south. I don't think it was a 100% free lunch. But, close to it. The food was pretty marginal, apparently. But, because it was free - it didn't matter.

Well, all companies are fighting to reserve cash now. So away went the subsidized food. Mr S. was in there (the cafeteria) a few days ago and had asked how business going. Not so good apparently. The staff decided they were going to start making sandwiches for people, instead of prepackaging them. You know - stuff people are willing to spend their own money on.

Which is why when I read this story I laughed and laughed an laughed.

From Yahoo business.

"Chicago philanthropist Richard Kiphart contributed generously to Barack Obama's campaign and is glad he backed a winner.

But he's among many donors and recipients in the philanthropic world worrying that Obama's new tax proposals could deter future giving at a time when many nonprofits already are in crisis mode.

"I just think they're wrong on this," said Kiphart, a corporate finance executive at global investment firm William Blair & Company. "All these organizations are crying: 'Why are they doing this to us?'"

Oh - now all of a sudden you like rich people? But, this wasn't the best part.

"A lot of these organizations are going to die in the next six or nine months," she said. "Saying you want to play around with the tax code only makes things worse psychologically."

Nonprofit officials and philanthropy experts interviewed by The Associated Press agreed that tax consequences are a secondary factor for many donors.

"I would guess that most of the people who support the museum do so because they have a passion for our mission and not because of the tax breaks," said Tim Hallman, director of marketing and communications at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum."

This is the crap that only people who get shit for free can come up with. Now, I don't give to charity. Unless you call charity - a job. But, I can't even do that now since everyone is being rewarded not doing the right things. After today, I honestly don't even know what I'm fighting for. Really? Bankruptcy judges get to lower your mortgage payment? Well f-ing-a. What I am fighting for then? Mr S. and I both have family members who have filed for bankruptcy, and we've fought hard our whole lives to not have that happen to us. But- I guess they are right and we are wrong. Who would have thunk it. Money is just falling from the sky. And anyone that still has any money - is the sky.

Let me tell you - the arts are going to be a little like the cafeteria where Mr S. works. When people realize they can't deduct that money - the arts are going to look pretty crappy compared to stuff they'd actually spend their own money on. And, let me be clear - that is their own money. The government just lets you keep a little more of it. But, since the deduction is a simple deduction, as long as its charitable - it doesn't really matter one way or the other where you give it. If they have to give out of pocket, your shit ain't that good. Mark my words.

Again.. I don't even contribute to charity.

Update: But, Hollywood does! Since I don't give to charity, maybe I'm okay with that tax increase. Isn't that how all the tax increases get passed? Doesn't affect me! Tax those guys. The chatter will be super interesting though. Poor Hollywood. I tried to squeeze out a just wasn't working for me.

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