Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In a mountain of paperwork. I'm pretty sure I'm even hating the invention of paper.

Normally I get my taxes done much earlier than now. Even when I have to pay - which is normally what happens. If there is any year to realize you shouldn't use your IRS refund as a savings account - this is the year I guess.

Still the whole thing stresses me out. Apparently I'm the only one the IRS has been auditing all these years. Here and here. I wasn't even bitter about it. I found the IRS to be very easy to deal with. It helps I didn't owe them any money.

Yet it makes me so frustrated that every week some new tax cheat is uncovered. Here and here. Making me wonder if when I get audited this year, if it will just be another courtesy check, or if I'm guilty until proven innocent. When I had to deal with them, they actually gave me the benefit of the doubt. With proof, of course.

When so many people are cheating on their taxes, I have to imagine it changes their perception. I hope it doesn't make them stabby first, then nice.

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