Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are they out of their minds?

Let me start out by saying - I understand paying a little more for convenience, or to find things I can't get locally. Extra charges have to be really excessive for me to even notice. If I can't get something in my area, I don't mind paying a little more. Having said that - when tax and shipping cost 100% of my order. I tend to freak out.

Which is what happened when I tried to place an order for onion starts from Park Seed. Yes.. onion starts.

Apparently you are super wealthy if you can afford to buy tiny little onions. Then put them in the ground thus producing full grown onions. It must be so! They charged me a 2.05 tax for an order from South Carolina. But, oh yeah. In California you can tax shipping if the item is taxable. (I just found this out) Which I'm not sure if onion starts are taxable or not.

Now, I've freaked out a bunch of times over excessive shipping costs - so I'm thinking tax on shipping is something I might have noticed much earlier than today. I'm guessing this is something companies just started enforcing.

To which I said "screw you", and went over to Dixondale Farms where they didn't charge any shipping or tax. My order for essentially the same onions was 10.50.

BTW - what is that extra shipping cost of $2.50? Which they also taxed.

Standard shipping was the cheapest shipping.


  1. I know! I couldn't believe it. It isn't even like onions need fancy packaging. The times I've bought them before - it was just a bunch held together with a rubber band tossed in a box. As long as it doesn't take a million years to ship them, and they arrive alive. You are good to go.

    But, I might as well get my tax free goods while I can. I'm sure they will try to tax all net transactions.

    It isn't like they aren't making it up in a million other ways. Can't wait to register my car in Calif this year.

    Yeah - I'm a bit bitter.