Sunday, March 22, 2009

The is what the vicious downward spiral looks like.

You know, I'm pretty sure that back in the great depression of the 1930's - people stood in line to pay 30 bucks per couple for salad. Right?

So, imagine my surprise when I went to a salad place last night, and the line was probably 30 people deep waiting to get into the door. I was completely shocked!

I've been going to this place every so often the whole time I've lived up here. And, I've never seen the place so packed. Even in the peak of the economy.

Self I said - this certainly doesn't look like retrenching. It was so amazing in fact, the place next to it - was completely empty. Yet people were willing to wait in that long line instead of bleeding over in the other establishments in the strip mall. For salad. Crap that you could go to the store for and make yourself for dirt cheep. And needs no special skill to make.

I wound up leaving. There isn't one single person who reads this blog who thinks I'm standing in a line like that. Right? Even so - I found the whole thing completely fascinating. Especially because our unemployment rate in California is much higher than the national average.

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