Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's a tea party.

I don't know how I feel about protesting. I guess mostly I feel like it is symbolic and useless. The government never listens to us anyway. Yet today, I found myself at one of those Tea Party protests in Monterey. I don't really understand these things. Mainly because I can't figure out the demographic. Especially in Monterey. Military and tourists. The protesters all seem to be working class people - who I think wouldn't be that affected by the proposed tax increases. Calm down! I'm not saying I agree with increasing taxes. Only that I'd expect a different demo to protest it.

I'd heard the request was for people to "bring teabags". Which I have to admit - gave me a completely different mental image. What? You haven't read this blog? Quit acting so surprised.

Anyway, they were certainly much better behaved than those free Palestine protesters. No chanting. When the time for their protest permit was up, those people vanished in one minute flat. If I'd have gotten there any later, I would have missed the whole thing. I had that little time to take shots. Luckily I got these.

Yes. That is a mounted pig.


  1. Perhaps these working class people are smart enough to realize that even though Obama tells them their taxes won't increase, they will indeed pay. It might be because of tax increases down the road, or it might be because of the job losses resulting from tax increases, or maybe from extending the recession or even causing a depression. But we will ALL end up paying the price for out of control, pointless spending in one way or another.

  2. In 2008, Dem Rep. Sam Farr - representing Carmel and I guess Monterey too - got 73% of the vote. There's a chart here: and as anyone can see he's got a lock on the seat.

    So, I don't think a handful of people - even when they dress up like clowns - are going to have much of any impact.

    If you want to actually do something, discredit Sam Farr by asking him difficult questions on video, and then uploading it to Youtube. If you just want to help Pajamas Media put on a show, carry on.

  3. That is an interesting comment. I'd gotten the feeling while I was there - the town seemed heavily democratic. And, overloaded on hormone pills. (pink houses everywhere) Despite being told by the Mr. when you get older you become more conservative. I could swear I was heavy in Obama country.

    Which is why I was confused about the protest being there. Another thing that confused me - on every single block there was a house for sale. Almost none of them seemed like crap shacks. These were houses that were pretty well maintained.

    The Mr. speculated that they were probably vacation homes. Which made a lot of sense. Yet, it seemed to me that if you could afford a vacation home in California - you were right in the target of Obama's tax increases.

  4. we all know obamas energt tax is gonna kill us, and his removal of the bush tax cut is a major tax increase on the lower class

    people are not stupid, transparency to half of America is obama lied, and people are know it