Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prison Bubbas.

I know you probably think I'm a complete asshole for calling people Bubbas. But, take a look at this tattoo. I can't really figure out what it is. A saw? A comb? What? I fail to believe someone actually paid for this. So I have to think he got it in prison. And what is that crap going on at the bottom of those combs? Or whatever. Tree stump? What??? It's killing me.

The Corey Hart segment. Compare here and tell me if you think I'm being an asshole.

Snitches end up in Ditches tee.


  1. Judging from his skin tone, I'm going to guess hispanic?? So I'm thinking it's suposed to be some kind of Mesoamerican traditional weapon. The bowl thing on the bottom...something to catch the "blood of your enemies"??? Or maybe he's a lumberjack.

    Bubbas are all tough with their hard talking t-shirts.

    And when you said Corey Hart, I was thinking "Sunglasses at Night" Corey Hart, not "Married to Pink" Corey Hart.

  2. So - I hear you saying "it's a prison tattoo".

    I think he might have been fauxspanic. It's what all the kids are into. Maybe he was Hispanic. I don't know. That crappy tattoo had me hypnotized.

    It's all - not symmetrical. And that mortar and pestle thing looks like half of a water landmine. Otherwise known probably, as a mine.

    It certainly doesn't make me think he's tough. It makes me think he has two ice climbing picks stuck to his back.


  3. It's not exactly the same image, but this Gears of War lancer looks a little bit like his tat. Maybe he's a hardcore gamer, you know crazy those guys get about their toys.

  4. Ha! Oh - that changes everything. Those guys pay my rent. If it were true though - I would have expected some mini devices super glued to his body.

    Besides.. isn't that guy a little too tan for the gaming set? It looks like he's been outside before. Gamer maybe. Hardcore..? Questionable.

    Love the identify attempt though.

  5. Good point, a gamer who is serious enough to get that kind of tat would never be that tan. They may have a neon white glow from the lack of sunshine combined with LCD radiation, but I get the feeling that that guy walks around with his man boobs hanging out all the time. Back to the drawing board, sooner or later I'll figure this one out.

  6. Oh! Please do. It is sort of like a rorschach test. Every time I look at it I see something different.

    Also, should there be some muffin top equivalent of moobs for men? I swear, when you suggested he had boobs - I could see them in my mind.

    If this guy ever recognizes himself on my blog - he's going to try and find me and shank me. With his odd tattoo!