Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anyone else but me - find this odd?

Here I was minding my own business. I hardly even look at the pay ads anywhere. But, this stuck out. Mainly because you know how much I love IR photography. So, when I clicked through to the site - imagine my surprise when it was an anarchists site. Well, I guess I wasn't that surprised. I wasn't completely sure what it was, but I'm not stupid. Mostly.

I'm not going to link the site. You can go there on your own.

Now, it isn't like I'm shocked by the content. I live in California. There isn't a protest that exists here without Che t-shirts, or a Socialist Workers Party sign. Usually at teachers protests, or any other protest in which Answer International doesn't show up. Just look at the signs on the news. You don't have to take my word for it.

Yet, I was a little shocked to see this ad on the New York Times site. I thought they were a little more stealthy. They played that game of "what? I'm not a socialist - you are just crazy".

I mean - how is this tee-shirt company making enough money to advertise on the Times site anyway?

Usually I just ignore this kind of crap. Anarchists usually have some sort of self aggrandising bullshit about why having a temper tantrum is a good idea. Thus resulting in them breaking stuff. Pretty easy to ignore if they aren't breaking your crap. Yet, I keep hearing the words "revolution" bandied about. Which makes a part of my brain go wild. Yet, they aren't even being that secretive about being out now. As observed by the ad on the Times.

I completely hate feeling like a paranoid freak. Which all this anarchy talk does. I want to be able to laugh all this off - but, these ads on the Times do not help me at all.

Remember last month I made this post - where I questioned if the anarchists were trying to seize on a tipping point? I want to be able to ignore that feeling. NYTimes - not helping in that effort.

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