Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday afternoon nothing.

Today has mostly been a wash. Mainly we've been trying to decide what to do with Saffron. What - if anything she can see. They are amazing fakers. And those whiskers and crazy hearing make up for the faking.

We've contacted the breeder to see if any of her breading lines have shown problems. Say what you will about breeders - this one is really responsible about her lines. I'm pretty sure she autopsies every single death she has. She has an amazing wealth of health information. She has information even our vets didn't think to check for. And they are super sharp.

Even when the rabbit didn't come from her. She has been able to tell us what to look for. When our Flemish came down sick, she told us to check for a certain virus. That turned out to be the problem. Sometimes I feel guilty contacting her. Oddly, always as a last resort. But, she is always willing to help and she has the most obscure health information. The kind we always need - because our rabbits don't come down with routine ailments. Those are old hat for us. So when we really need to contact someone - it's for the hard stuff.

I think we've decided to take her to a specialist. Not the one I went to last time. The one with the Chinese food restaurant next to it. My gut just wants to take the eye and be done. Today we found out in cats and dogs - glaucoma medication looses its effectiveness around 3 years. Which would have been just an interesting bit of data. But, we pushed Jane all the way to the end of effectiveness. Roughly 3 years.In hindsight we feel we should have taken the eye sooner. But I thought if I just tried harder - I could make the result different. That character flaw in me always screws me up.

From the information today - it sounds like I pushed it right to the edge. It would have been nice if any of the doctors Jane had seen, might have said "you know - you only have three years to figure this out". Truth be told, they honestly don't know. Medicine isn't an exact science. And with rabbits, we always seem to be in uncharted territory. They don't live long enough to have real health studies for them. And usually, we are the folks considered to be real life trial cases.

So my impulse is to just end this whole thing now. But, the new specialist has laser corrective surgery! Yipeee! That of course is sarcasm folks. It's only bothersome because it isn't easy to take a healthy living seeing eye. But, it only gets worse from here. So.....


  1. That's very sad. Hope your rabbit gets better, one way or the other. And that it isn't too distressing for you, either. K