Sunday, March 01, 2009

Shortest truce on the planet.

First I have to say - Mr S.! OMG you took the best shot ever!

Mr S. and I were in in Santa Clara today. So, we had to stop for breakfast. Which really should be considered lunch. That would be what most people call it. It's the safest thing for all concerned. You all know this by now. Right?

Anyway. Within a minute of being seated - I could hear this wailing. I was sure it was a baby, and considered asking to be seated in another section. I hoped for it to stop. The place was unusually packed. It was also about 12:30. You know how quickly things go downhill around this time. Right. My resistance was low. So, I started mentally chanting my mantra. "Suck it up wussie - these people are buying stuff". However, the wailing never stopped and I started getting progressively more pissed off.

There is just something about a high pitched wailing that eats into the very center of my being.

I couldn't actually see this child. Mr S. however was able to see the child clearly and told me it wasn't actually a baby. Where I almost lost my shit. Oh, Readers. It gets better! This woman had two ill mannered monsters. Twins. When you can't get one of them to shut up - the best thing is to have two of them. Then bring them out to a restaurant so everyone else can enjoy your misery. Then ignore them while everyone else wants to punch you in the freaking vagina!

Anyway. I made it though. Oddly about 5 minutes before we were done - this couple left. Two tables with newly born babies were seated. Not a peep out of them.


  1. That is the perfect shot!
    You can feel the indifference of mom there. Why don't people like that just leave?!? I'm sure the restaurant staff will be more than happy to pack up the food. Why stay and share the evil?

  2. I don't know - I ask Mr S. this all the time. The sad thing is, I'd have a lot more compassion if it looked like they were doing something to make the kid stop. I can cut people some slack. They are kids. But, that kid wailed for 20-25 minutes, and she never even seemed to tell him or the other one to pipe down. I wasn't he only one who was turning around and watching her.

    I'd think those kids would be old enough to be dropped off at a baby sitter if they just can't get them to shut up - and the couple needed to eat out.