Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad ass.

I know Readers - you are not into this car thing so much. So, I try to get you interesting things you haven't seen before.

This about about the coolest thing I saw today.

Lime green wouldn't have been my first choice. But....

This car kept drawing my eye. I couldn't figure out why. Then it came to me. It looks like those damn candy corns you get at halloween.

Car with nostrils? Sure, why not.


  1. The rims in that first picture... I have never seen anything like them. Thank you for the bad-ass cars pics. I like them anyway.

  2. Excellent. Glad you like them.

    Re: the rims - when something practical just won't do. It has to give you some sort of OCD trying to keep them clean.

  3. I love the rims in the first picture, and the flame job in the last. These are the kinds of cars that you just tow everywhere, and don't actually drive, right?

    Did you ever read my post on one man's auto obsession?

  4. I don't know. Some of the engine compartments were so clean, it didn't look like they'd ever been started. So maybe. Seems like a shame, because you do that for attention. Right? Doesn't seem like a car show here and there would be enough of a payoff.

    I did read your post. It was funny.