Sunday, March 01, 2009

I know you weep for me. Part 3. It's okay.

Yes - I'm still going with the same subject line. It is a series people!

I didn't do any touch up on the light saber. I was pretty impressed how much it glowed.

I am almost sure this girl in the middle is a reality show chick. But I haven't had time to look to find out who it is.

Love seeing 3D stuff. Love it!

Amazing Race contestants.

Half way down the isle Mr S. said to me "did you see Vyxsin from the amazing race"?

Me - OH! I thought I recognized them, but I didn't remember from where.

Him - Well.. didn't you see the amazing race envelope right in front of them?

Me - No! I'm trying to dodge people and frame a shot. I'm looking into the periphery to make sure someone doesn't walk into my picture. I can't concentrate on what is right in front of me!

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