Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's just weird.

I'm not a smoker. Never been a smoker. My family was, but I never took up the habit. And, I'm fairly bothered by smoke. I still find it ridiculous I saw this sign at an outdoor event. Which really is odd because I encounter smokers so rarely. Go to Vegas. Those people are serious smokers.

This is another thing I found odd. The money van. Which is actually the only reason we stopped at this thing. I saw it driving by, and forced Mr S. to find a place to stop and park.

When I was in my teens - my mom worked at a bank ferrying checks back and forth to banks at night. It was her second job. The cars always had these stickers that said "driver does not carry money".

I guess that whole idea has changed. It didn't even look armored! Hey - I'm full of money. Rob me. I thought the idea was horrible. But, the whole time I was there people were packed around it. It didn't even have a sign saying which bank it belonged to. It was the oddest thing.

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  1. I gotta wonder if maybe this was an ingenious scam to get ATM #'s. Start with an initial investment and boom, several accounts to pull from to get the money back! Viola, free money.