Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures from the show.

Alright Readers! You know I'm not that crafty. But, this is one of the few things I liked from the knitting show. It was an "easier" do it yourself felt making kit. I don't know how felt making works. But.. who cares. I found it interesting. From Artfelt.

You apparently poke the yarn though the cloth.

Roll it up. (put it in a stocking) Then toss it into the dryer.

Then after it cools use boiling hot water to melt the cloth off.

I asked the guy if he had a you tube video. No such luck. Be he was really, really - kind and gracious. Now he is on my blog. Well, his hands are.


Unknown said...

I have a yarn shop that sells Artfelt and I'd like to put a link to your post on my site. I love how you described it, and the pictures you took. I hope you don't mind :) But if you don't want me to post, just let me know. Thank you, Olga Tonjes tspotshop.com

she said: said...

Be my guest Olga. Enjoy.