Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why ask why?

Still to this day, I'm mostly not sure why people read my blog. Sure, occasionally over time I can figure it out. We read the same blogs, we have a few of the same interests. But mostly I'm at a loss at how I manage to attract people that seem so opposite of me.

Even in my personal life, I often don't understand why the same people seem to hang around in my atmosphere. But, it is something I've really grown to value. Maybe there is no other reason, than I find people not like me - so completely interesting. Maybe other people like that in me. I'm not sure I'll over know.

Anyway... the reason I bring this up, is because I've gotten a few new commentors lately. Most notably Kasia from The Clam Rampant.

I went over and read her blog, and I was convinced this was an error. When I started getting trackbacks I realised she had linked me. Thank you Kasia. Which also made me a little uncomfortable. She seems so clean of virtue, I was sure her readers probably were getting the vapors, and having to take a shower in holy water after reading the blog. But she continues to comment, so I'm guessing the cussing with the close proximity of the word God doesn't bother her that much. Anyway. Welcome.

Wait... she does know I do that. Right?

The same goes for Daves Whiteboard. He is much too brainy to read the crap I post here. But, I enjoy that he does.

And finally - I've been a complete asshole for not adding Warrior Knitter to my blogroll. She has to be one my oldest readers, and I thank her for that. I'm not into the knitting thing myself, but even I can appreciate a good knit. Plus, she's into gadgets. What's not to love?


  1. I never use the word "blogosphere" except as an example of a clunky word. I do think, however, that people who read blogs tend to read a number of them. I also think that people who write blogs read more (in terms of number of blogs, if not total posts).

    My hunch is that people tend to read and return to stuff they mainly agree with. (This pretty much explains talk radio, which is religious broadcasting without the leather-bound bibles.)

    One way to escape from a digital schoolyard full of people in the same uniform is what I think of as three links out. You're at someone's blog and you find a link. Click one, and you're somewhere else. Read, and find a second link. Click two. Skim, and maybe there's a third link.

    Click that, and you're practically guaranteed to be out of your usual neighborhoods. Sometimes the new one isn't all that fascinating, but developing the habit of often going three links out is worth cultivating. At least for me.

  2. I also have a very religious reader. Even though I joke about jesus and say religion is basically an evolutionary appendix. The internet is a strange place.

  3. Not that I know for sure, but I had a friend who loved it when I called my dog by her full name. "Jesus Christ Dog!!!" But she won't say it herself, she makes me say it.

  4. ROFL. It wasn't a mistake. Though I quite like the idea of a holy water shower, as one of my friends and I often talk about filling a kiddie pool with holy water and marinating in it. I think that should be instated as a devotional practice.

    Really, I echo Dave Ferguson wrt getting out of one's virtual neighborhood. It makes life much more interesting, don't you think? As it happens, I came across you via Captain Capitalism, who I started reading a year or more ago when my sister put me onto him. I don't always agree with him, and sometimes he's downright obnoxious, but more often than not I enjoy the read.

    And I'm actually a convert to Catholicism from agnostic Unitarian-Universalism. So while I do make an honest effort to keep my own language clean, yours is neither the first nor the worst foul mouth I've encountered. (My own alone used to be MUCH worse than anything I've seen you post. Especially when I lived with my mother and she had the Brittany.)

    I'll be around...thanks for the welcome! :-)

  5. "It makes life much more interesting, don't you think?"

    I Do! But I tend to think of most people as creatures of habit. So I'm still surprised people stick.

    I love that I have such a diverse set of readers though. In trying to entertain them, I run across so many more interesting things.

    "So while I do make an honest effort to keep my own language clean, yours is neither the first nor the worst foul mouth I've encountered."

    Good to know. I do trend towards not cusing in public, and I try to curb it heavily around people I know don't like the language.

    But... I think on the blog, it's about as clean as its going to get. And some days, you guys are lucky you aren't just getting a string of profanities.

    Good to know you are sticking around. Hopefully I can keep you entertained.

  6. Hello! I am Jaibee. I'm not sure why Kasia's friends with me, either. I was raised as an atheist and was baptized in 2007, when Kasia was confirmed into the Catholic church. I think a lot of it's an unfair advantage, given her line of work.

    And, I'd like to take credit for the pool of holy water idea. Haha! I was having a bad day, and figured that snorkeling in the holy water font was about the only way I was going to be holy that day. Since I plague a certain priest of mine with e-mail, I suggested the idea to him, and to my surprise, he said that it was a good idea (okay, he was much more eloquent in his agreement, but you get it). Then, as a logistical thing, I came up with the kiddie pool as a viable option. I still think this should be implemented. :)

    So, if you are ever stuck in a daze from the pureness of thought or devotion from our dear Kasia, come visit me at, where we are...less so. :)

    I am enjoying your site very much! Good to meet you!

  7. I don't remember how I came across your blog in the first place but I know I clicked on it because of the name. You manage to write about things that aren't particuarly interesting to me (car shows for instance) in a way that makes me wish I been there, too.

    Good snark (not mean snark) is hard to find and you do it well.

  8. Awwww.. that's sweet.

    I'm not really into half of the stuff I go to either, but I always manage to find something that makes it worth it. Something odd or funny.

    If I wouldn't have gone to CES and seen the cars there, I would have never in a million years go to a car show.

    People have so much disposable income, it's crazy what they cram in them.

    Even with some of the crafty stuff - people are so dedicated - they make crazy amazing stuff.

    So, a lot of times before the show I go "meh", and after "wow". That's the part I find fun.