Sunday, June 29, 2008

And you think I have neighbor issues.

You know that old saying "if you think everyone in a room is an asshole, maybe it's really you that is the asshole"? Well Readers, I've just had a gut check.

Back to the fence issue.

To get my fence fixed - I actually have to deal with two neighbors. Since the properties are offset, I share a fence with cheap ass neighbor, and then a 15 foot segment with another neighbor. Since I wasn't going to ask him to pay anything - he hasn't been an issue for me. Most neighbors don't care when they don't have to pay.

I've never seen this guy. Didn't know anything about him. The only thought I've ever had about this guy is when I hated him once because he had tree trimmers in at 8 in the morning. Other than that - he was my favorite neighbor. I know someone lives there, but for all I know he's a vampire and only exists in the dead of night.

Now that cheap ass neighbor had signed onto the project - I got my guys lined up to start on Monday. So, Mr S. went over to let both neighbors know whats going on.

He comes rushing back into the house in a very excited way and says "you have got to sit down". Immediately I think "fuck - which one of those assholes changed their minds"?

This is what he tells me.

Corner neighbor (who I now have to make up a nickname for) tells Mr S. "Don't let Cheap ass neighbor into my yard". Cheap ass neighbor steals from him, and has even been into his house. He also blames him for the dead spots on his lawn.

At this point I'm loving that Mr S. is dealing with these people. I'm curious by nature and would have probed further - because that all sounds crazy to me. But, Mr S. is smart and understands that if he knows more details we will be expected to take sides.

We just want our fence fixed dammit!

Anyway - it makes my issues seem not even like issues. They mostly involve wanting to walk around in my underwear in my house without having to see a neighbors head above the fence line.

All I know is that I'm glad I have a violent urge to move every 5 years because these people are sort of crazy.

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