Friday, June 13, 2008

Skeptics corner.

I think one of the biggest things I dislike about myself - is that I have a hard time trusting people. It's probably one of the harder things to change. It isn't like you can just say "trust people". And everything is all better.

So today when a guy comes to the door asking me if I wanted to sell my truck - it got the side of my brain that doesn't trust people all up in a bunch. After all - I don't have a for sale sign on it.

So, let me summarise how this went.

The guy - I've driven by your house a few times and noticed the cobwebs on the truck. I was wondering if you wanted to sell it.

This is a work truck BTW, and I'm not motivated to wash it until I can't see out of the windows.

Me - Well, it has a lot of problems. The ABS is going out.

I'm thinking this would immediately turn the guy off. To be honest, Mr S. I and have been discussing getting rid of it lately because its having so many problems. But it doesn't turn him off in the least.

Him - Well, I hate to admit this, but I've fallen on hard times. My truck just died, and I need a new truck. If you were going to sell that truck, do you have any idea what you'd ask for it?

Me - I haven't really thought about it. I mean, we were thinking of getting rid of the truck or donating. But, we haven't really talked about how much we wanted for it. Besides, if you are in hard times I don't really think I could sell it to you. I'd feel bad if it broke down on you.

Him - Well, that doesn't matter. I know a lot of mechanics. If it needs to be towed, I can have it towed.

Me - No its runs. But honestly. The ABS is bad. It has a check motor light indicator on. The dashboard expanded in one of the heatwaves and is completely cracked. Really - I don't think I could sell it to you. Do you live in the area?

At this point he tells me he lives in the Modern Ghost Town. And he keeps persisting on trying to get me to sell him the truck.

Him - You know.. I'm really embarrassed. But I'm a gardener. Maybe God brought me to this house. I'd be your gardener for life. Do you have any idea how much you'd want for the truck? Any idea at all? I have cash in the car. I could sign over my drivers licence, and we can sign a bill of sale.

Me - No. I'd have to talk to my husband. Give me your number, and I'll call you.

The guy was so freakin' persistent. I wasn't sure if there was some part on that truck that is valuable right now. Catalytic motor, or what. But it made me get my ladder and anything worth value out of the bed.

It's things like this that make me so conflicted. Maybe he is just a guy down on his luck.


  1. Since you hadn't thought seriously about selling the truck, at least not to the point of setting a price range for it, I don't think you need to fret.

    Miss Manners once gave advice for this kind of persistence. She was talking about turning down something like a request to be chairman of the program committee, but you can feel free to adapt.

    After first request/inquiry:

    No, I'm sorry. Thank you for asking, and I wish I could oblige, but I just can't.

    After the second:

    I appreciate your effort, but I'm sorry, I just can't do this right now.

    After the third:

    Stick it in your ear.

  2. I hate it when some people are so persistent like that guy was. OK, if it were me, I would feel that I was being a bit forward/awkward knocking on your door and asking if your vehicle (w/o a "for sale" sign)is for sale. At the least, he should have kept the conversation short and given you his number and moved on.

  3. I agree. That's a bit stalkerish after the second time you said you've not really though about it. Maybe he was seeing if it would run, so he could come back later and steal it. See, that's the way *I* think.