Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When machines rule the world.

There will be a device that you can set to one temperature. If its too hot - it will kick in the air conditioning. If it is too cold, it will kick in the heat. No more getting up to use your legs like a sucker to switch back and forth.

It took a little searching to find one - but I've never lived in a house or apartment that had a device like this.

I mean.. we all know that it will break down within a year, and I won't have any heat or air conditioning. But - it has a touch screen and green lights!


  1. I'm still waiting for TiVo to figure this out and then I'll just use the remote. This would be the perfect type of thing that you could fit into a home automation system. Throw in a control for the security system, called ID and control over your lighting and pretty soon things are looking pretty slick. If TiVo played their cards right, they could create a button that auto dims the lights, turns the air conditioning down to that freezing cold level that movie theaters seem to like and closes your curtains all at the start of playback.

  2. Oh BTW - When machines rule the world, I'll be getting a personal FOB for my home. RFID is the future and the cell phone will lead it. I might regret it if my power ever goes down, but to not have to deal with keys would be worth the risk.

  3. OH! Don't I know.

    I've been keeping an eye on those home RFID kits for a while now. But, they haven't advanced very much. I just want to walk into a room with a scanner and know which corner something is in. Like my garage.

    I try to further the advancement of lazy - but stuff keeps breaking down making that plan not work out so well. Instead of the machines being my slave - I'm apparently theirs.

    Hey - have you seen those car key fobs that are using digital paper? The stuff in the Kindle?

  4. I completely agree with valuing something because of random characteristics like a touchscreen and green lights!

    I'm still a little irked that I haven't been able to convert my house to read people's fingerprints. I mean, do I *really* have to keep unlocking the door with a key? I just stuck that sucker in my pocket because I was done driving the car! You mean I gotta take it back out?!? And I have to give other people keys if I want them to get in? What a hassle! And that would require forethought. What if I *suddenly* need someone to do something (or more likely fetch me something) from my house? I suppose I *could* just make a billion duplicates, but I'm too lazy for that.

    I did, however, like when the contractors were fixing things and there was a lockbox on the door. Then, I could just give the combination to whoever. But then the issue of having to get the key out of the box and use the key in the lock. Blah, blah, blah. Don't they know that I am a woman who carried a lot of *stuff* and do not have the spare hands to deal with this key thing?!?!?