Saturday, June 28, 2008



Today I had to get my corn dog on. I think my phase is evaporating though. I'm pretty sure it was the cheese on a stick that did it. I've never had cheese on a stick. Which is pretty much like a corn dog with cheese. But, that put me over the edge. Way too much cheese.

But, I also wanted to see if people really were having stacations. A word that drives me batshit. I hate when the press finds a new word.

So anyway. It started out with a car fire.

Someone clearly was not going to have a good day. Since other people had stopped to help him, I just took pictures. See how unhelpful I am?

Then the fair. They had all the usual suspects.

Maniacal caterpillars.

Freaky clowns.

Tall people on stilts.

Creepy doll collections. I think I understand the whole horror film thing about dolls now. I'm not sure I like all those eyes staring at me.

Mosquito's. Why? Because.

And Readers.... every time I go to an event these days, there is some kind of food that blows my mind. Remember last time it was the giant corn dog. And I go to these things to eat really crappy food. But, even I'm slightly appalled by what they are serving.

I want you to know this is no visual illusion. That is a full sized cash register. I was so shocked I asked the woman if that was the size they actually sold. It's like a half a freezer bag of fries. And, I saw a bunch of people ordering them.


  1. I love those penguins!! Too cool!

    I got my sewing machine out the other day because I have to make myself some reusable shopping bags.

    Recycling is once a month here, and manditory. I need to cut down on the paper and plastic somehow!

    Have you seen this?

    I love macros, they make me giggle.

  2. At least you only took pictures of the other person's misfortune. Me -- I am bad. My husband and I were driving home once and the traffic was horrible. Our 1 hour commute home was turning into a 4 hour commute, and I was becoming quite irritated. So I said, "There had BETTER be a body!" Wouldn't you know, about 20 minutes later, we came across the scene of an accident, and there was indeed a body with a sheet over it in the middle of the highway. That shut me up.

  3. MDG - No.. but I must get a " I screw robots" shirt.

    Jaibee - I would secure my place in hell by taking pictures of the body. It would give new meaning to rubber necking.

  4. And I would look at the pictures. What does that say about me? :)