Thursday, June 26, 2008

Send in the diplomat.

This morning the doorbell rang. It was cheap ass neighbor. He wanted to talk about the fence. Yes..... this is still going on.

I have since stopped talking to the guy. Because, basically I just want to be nasty, and that isn't a way to deal with people you have to live next to for a while. Apparently.

Anyway, Mr S. told him he would talk to me, and be right over to talk to him about it. This is the point I vent on Mr S., and he has to extrapolate the most important issues. Which went a little like this:

Me - this whole thing just pisses me off.

Him - I know.

Me - I think we gave him some really fair prices on the fence, and if he doesn't want to pay what our guys quoted, then let him get his own quotes. I still want him to pay as close to half of the fence cost as I can get him to pay. And I'm not even convinced he is going to do that. If he thinks he can get someone in to salvage some of that wood, let someone else tell him if he can, or can't.

Me - okay, tell him we don't want him to feel ripped off - so we'd really like it if he gave us some of his own quotes.

Mr S. leaves, and I brace myself to be pissed. I just wish the whole thing would go away at this point. I tell you - there is nothing I hate more in the world than having to deal with neighbor fence issues. Every single time - it just sucks.

So, a little while later Mr S. comes back and says "okay - call our guys".

Me - what? How did that all go?

Him - he said he doesn't have time to get quotes, and that he just wants to get it done.

I was totally shocked and happy. Now if he feels its unfair, he only has himself to blame. Mr S. also told him that we wanted to raise the fence height, but we were eating the cost on that. He was fine with it.

It sounds like he is also getting rid of the dog. At least it seems like he is trying to find a home for it, instead of just sending it to the pound. No one would adopt that dog, it needs to be on a ranch or something. It has way to much enegery.

I guess when the dog is escaping, it is injuring itself quite badly. And it's smart enough to let out his other dog. So, he just can't take it anymore. Which is kind of too bad. It's a good dog.


  1. Heh. Yep. Want to place bets on how long it takes them to get a new dog.

    We all knows how this plays out - right?

    The other dog is sad because they've lived their whole lives together.

  2. Poor Dogdini. Brittanies are hard dogs to take care of. Especially in the city or suburbs. You really do need, like, forty VERY well-fenced acres. Or someone who's marathon training.

    Whatever happens, please God, do NOT let my mother hear that there's a Brittany that needs a home! Amen...

  3. Oh! But this dog is perfect for your mom. She barely even has to change the name. It's currently Brandy. How freaky is that?

    Maybe they'll decide to keep the dog now that the fence is higher. Who knows..