Friday, June 13, 2008

Role reversal.

Oh! Now I'm the creepy neighbor? Yes.. I... Am.

It all started about 6:00 last night. I hear my neighbors dog whelping. At first I don't think much about it. But eventually the dog starts making enough racket - I go out to my backyard. It sounds like the dog is literally flailing itself against the fence. Which sounds dramatic, but the last time it got into my yard it managed to shimmy up a one foot space in between the fence and the neighbors shed. Six full feet of it. I don't know when dogs evolved to climb, but they are getting scary good at it.

So anyway, flailing against the fence - I already said that. But, in between the flailing, I could hear the dog panting really loud. It was like 97 degrees. It sounded like he'd just run a mile. In 97 degree heat. So I stood out there for a minute.

Through the cracks in my fucked up fence, every once in a while I could see about half the dog. I thought the dog was jumping on top of something and was just trying to jump the extra span to get over the fence. I couldn't figure out what the dog was on - so I peeked through one of the larger fence cracks, and saw that my neighbor had built a dog run. Which I don't understand. He knows this animal is dogdini. I thought he'd built a metal run the last time it escaped. At this point I'm thinking the dog is just jumping on top of the dog house/run.

When Mr S. comes home, I tell him about the dog. We place bets on if it is going to get into our backyard that night. It isn't there yet, so its none of my f-ing business. But, Mr S. is tall enough to just look over the fence. This is when he sees the dog is trying to escape through a hole in the metal roof. I snap a couple of shots over the fence line.

Almost immediately the dog is quiet. When I'm reviewing the pictures I ask Mr S. if he thinks they saw me taking pictures. After all.. I wasn't over the fence, just my camera was. And that's kind of creepy. In my defense, if you came home and saw your doghouse in this condition, wouldn't you be "what the fuck"?

Mr S. says "I hope they did". Why, I ask. "That will motivate them to do something about the dog - because that is kinda creepy. People get all paranoid about stuff like that". I tell Mr S., the sad thing is they will probably just take this dog to the pound because the neighbor is too cheap and lazy to fix things right. The neighbor told me he was going to do that once. Mr S. confirms the neighbor told him that once as well.

At any rate - I don't hear the dog today. And I can still see the metal all curled up over the fence line.


  1. That is one of the most awesome/funniest things I have seen. I snickered out loud. The expression on the dog's face is kind of like "Oh crap she caught me!"

    On the other hand, don't you think that "run" gets a bit hot during the day? No wonder that dog is trying to escape.

  2. I totally think it might. Mr S. says the front is open.

    But still, wouldn't having the sun beat on a metal roof at least increase the temp in the dog run by 10 degrees?

    So, if it's 97, potentially it might be like 107 in there?

    At least when it jumped the fence it would have gotten a nice shady spot at my place. I don't know why they don't give it a chainlink enclosure with a tarp top.

  3. "He knows this animal is dogdini. I thought he'd built a metal run the last time it escaped." ROTFL!!!

    Oh man, that picture is priceless!

  4. I didn't understand this until I saw the picture.

    The dog is a Brittany spaniel. That explains EVERYTHING.

    My mother had a Brittany. Sweetest, most insane dog ever. And after she'd adopted him (he was a rescue), the vet told her that "saying a Brittany is hyperactive is like saying Attila the Hun was assertive."

    The dog, at various points in his long (about 14 year) life, did the following (among many other shenanigans):

    - Hurley himself against their leaded-glass foyer door until he finally broke through it. Not a scratch on him, but they had to replace the door and put Plexiglas over the leaded glass.

    - Ate cockroach traps with no visible ill effects

    - Ate a wooden spoon

    - Ate roasting vegetables right out of the broiler, which was open a crack so we could watch the veggies

    - Ate my brother's pot that he had been stupid enough to leave within reach (one happy puppy!)

    What finally did him in was eating seven pounds of cat food. His pancreas went all out of whack, he was on chicken and rice for a month, and he finally, after a rapid decline, had something like a stroke in the backyard.

    I will be linking to this with these, and possibly more, Tales of the Brittany.

    (After all that, even now, years later, every time I see a Brittany I just want to go love it up. They are incredibly sweet dogs. But I pray I never own one!)