Monday, June 16, 2008

The Arts.

While we were over in Sausalito, we went up to the Marin Headlands. It was sunny on the Sausalito side, and the fog was rolling in - so I thought it would be a picture taking opportunity. As soon as we found a parking place I felt my bladder starting to talk to me. "Shut up bladder" I said, and we proceeded up the hill to the overlook.

Half way up, the wind turned hurricane force. The temperature dropped 20 degrees, and my bladder was talking all kinds of smack. "You're pretty cold " it was saying. "I bet that makes you want to pee".

I think it was at this point I completely lost my mind, because I spotted the headlands toilets. Not a porta-potty. Which I will never ever use anywhere on earth. And frankly, I won't even use most public restrooms. Which makes my decision all the more perplexing. I have the cleanest most sanitary ones mapped out all over the Silicon Valley. Only in a rare emergency will I ever even consider using one off the list.

As I was approaching the door, a guy was going into the men's side. I knew it was a bad omen when the guy said something like "Oh my God this is fucking disgusting". Yet, I still opened the door to the female side. A completely irrational move. There I saw the 95 layers of hell. It was like some kind of perverted contest had occured.

Listen, I've seen a bunch of funky female restrooms, but no woman on earth would use this thing.

Partially searching for an acceptable restroom, and partially distracted by how pretty the water was at the Palace of Fine Arts - we wound up stopping. They were closed, or we might have never made our way home.

Anyway... they had a clean restroom, and I got a couple of nice shots. They were renovating the dome.

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