Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two peni better than one?

This is the conversation Mr S. and I had last night.

Him - I sent you a lot of great links today.

Me - You did? Which ones.

Him - There was the one with the baby that had penis on his back.

Me - Whaaat?

Him - Oh, you didn't see that one? The baby had some kind of conjoined twin dysmorphia.

Me - Was it functional? Wait! Did they have pictures?

Him - Yeah.

Me - Okay - if it was your kid, would you have it removed?

Him - yeah.

Me - Really? Why? I think I'd keep it.

Him - Well, its going to get uncomfortable after a while.

Me - You mean to tell me, men have been complaining forever they don't get any say about their foreskin, but you are going to remove a whole penis?

That basically shut the conversation down. That's right. I ran circles around him logically.

This of course was before I saw the picture. Now I'm not so sure if I'd keep it.

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