Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day after day of oppressive fire.

People who have read this blog for a long time, know that when fire season starts I practically start pissing my pants. I'm sure a few of you have wondered what the unhealthy fascination is. And believe me.. it is an odd fascination.

So - this is what it is. The family house burned to the ground when I was a teenager. And this is why you have to put up a summers worth of lame fire photos.

This summer will be no exception. No rain since February, and the impending doom of not being able to water my lawn makes me more nervous than a Chihuahua. I've done all I can do to protect my property.. but the neighbors. They don't have the unhealthy fear I do.

Anyway, today I was out seeing what houses were still on the market. I glanced up and went "what the hell is that".

I ran home and got the camera, and went out to the edge of town. I didn't really feel like finding the fires location today. If there is anything I've learned about fires. They look deceptively close. Plus, it looked like they had gotten a handle on it. So I was on my way back home, when I noticed the fire planes out, and it looked like the fire had whipped up again.

Out I go for a second time. I get to the edge of town again. Only to have it look like the fire was under control. Get almost back to the house, and see the fire flare up again. I'm thinking "f this fire". So I found a neighborhood and took this crappy shot.

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