Monday, June 02, 2008

I have issues.

Neighbor issues. Lots and lots of neighbor issues.

Apparently - this is a demographic I am incapable of getting along with. I'm trying to accept that there is something wrong with me. It can't be them, because clearly these are completely rational people. I must be the problem.

This is how it started....

We have one shrub that infringes on our neighbors property. When we need to trim it, Mr S. goes over to tell the neighbors we are going to be above the fence line, and volunteer to pick up all the crap that falls on their side. This BTW is cheap ass neighbor. The one I still have a broken fence with. Since I figured the fence would come up - I remind Mr S. that we are still waiting on the lowest quote the neighbor can come up with.

At this point- I'm willing to let him pay half of the lowest quote he can get. Then get my guys in to do the job correctly.

The main bone of contention is he doesn't want to pay - because he just stuck that fence in a few years ago. Allegedly. Which is not my fucking problem. If he would have payed the extra money and put in pressure treated lumber, we wouldn't be having this problem right now.

So - I'm willing to put up the extra money to make sure this happens. Even though I'm not willing to tell him so. He has racked up some pretty negative points in my head. Remember my roofer buddy told me he doesn't pay for work he books. Which I might ignore. Contractors can be catty. But then he wanted to file a false insurance report on the fence. Which made my roofers story seem more plausible.

I'm thinking if he knows I'm going to buck up the extra cash, he will just find a buddy to say it's going to cost much less than it really will.

So, Mr S. comes back and says cheap ass neighbor wants permission to get on our side so he can just put something called pour rock around the posts. Which flipped me the fuck out.

The fence posts for the entire segment we share are rotted at the ground level. And he just wants to put some concrete around the rotted area and forget about the whole thing.

Now I don't mind people being a complete fucking hack on their own property - but they don't get to do that on mine. It isn't even like he's poor. He's one of those Nascar guys - which I'm pretty sure costs a lot of money to be a fan of.

I'm hoping this doesn't start to get ugly - because the whole thing is really starting to piss me off.

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