Saturday, June 14, 2008

Racist, racist, whitey.

It has been a super long day. I have a lot of things to post about, but I'm tired. So, I will leave you with this:

You've got to know how excited I was when I ran across a Goth pinata party.

Don't they know pinatas are racist?


  1. How perfect is that?

    I wonder what was inside.

  2. Pain. And all their hopes and dreams?

  3. OMG! Thats ME! Holy bat shit. So that was my 28th birthday party, and I was just looking up "Goth Pinata" to find a new image for THIS YEARS magical annual slaughtering of a candy-filled offering and suddenly I was thinking "Wait. Who put one of those photos up?! *click* Wheee!"

    Pain, and a lot of very cheap, inedible candy, btw.

  4. Ummmm. Maybe I should work on my post titles? You must have said... what.... the... hell!

    That day made me smile. The park was so green that day, and you and your friends with this bright pink pinata. It's about all I remember. And at the time everyone was having a cow about them. So I found the whole thing funny. If you made it to my blog I - you made me laugh in a good way. Welcome!