Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'd pay to tase these people.

The Berkeley tree huggin' hippies are at it again. It seems like very once in a while, this is all my local news can cover. Which is kind of annoying, because it's been going on for about two years, and it never gets resolved.

From NBC 11.

"BERKELEY, Calif. -- A long-term tree-sitter was forcibly taken down from the oak grove at the University of California at Berkeley Tuesday afternoon, according to a spokesman for Save the Oaks.

A woman who goes by the name "Millipede" was pulled from one of the trees at about 4:30 p.m. and was placed in police custody, Doug Buckwald said.

"They grabbed a woman and took her down from the tree as she was screaming," Buckwald said

Does this remind anyone of the Simpson's Screamapillar episode? Of which I would have linked - if all the video links hadn't been shut down. Did I mention that one of the tree sitters names is "Dumpster Muffin"? No - I'm not shitting you. Watch the video at the NBC 11 link.

I have two questions. Why do hippies hate jocks? And why does America not have water cannons? Oh wait.. I have a third question. When did our police become so pussified that these people can throw bottles full of urine and not be tased to the ground and arrested?

At least a few of them have fallen on their own.

From The Chronicle.

Berkeley Tree-Sitter Falls, Breaks 2 Limbs

"A protester broke his arm and leg after plunging at least 30 feet Sunday night while trying to exit a tree in an oak grove that the University of California at Berkeley plans to raze, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Nathaniel Hill, 24, mistakenly thought he was connected to a cable when he stepped from his perch to see his father, who had stopped by to visit. Mr. Hill was among a group of protesters who are living in the trees in hopes of blocking the university from felling them to make way for a $125-million athletics center. He is not the first protester to take a tumble; a woman broke her wrists in a fall earlier this year"

You must go read the comments. They are the only thing that restores my faith in humanity.


  1. I remember the last time that we lived in Europe it was around the time of one of those huge international soccer(football)tournaments. We were walking around in one of the cities where one of the matches was going to take place. We forgot that it was going on. Anyway, there were police on horses all around the city, and the HORSES were dressed in riot gear. Totally decked out for ass kicking. I'm sure the water cannons were hidden somewhere. We just got our Subway and Ikea fix and went home.

    Europe freaking rocks!

  2. Fellow native Californians, we are united in our support for full prosecution of UCB trespassers who have burdened us with greater than one million dollars of expense. It is shameful to think how some selfish criminals purposefully cost us funds that could have benefited and educated many.

    Continue to support uncensored information here, pencils were not harmed in this report.