Monday, June 23, 2008

Ring of fire.

It all started out a little like this.

These clouds just came in from nowhere. At first I didn't think anything about it. I was just excited. I'd all but ruled out rain for the year.

But, these clouds seemed to be dropping rain, but it was all evaporating before it hit the ground. I was hoping that even if only a few sprinkles hit the ground it would lift my spirits. We haven't gotten any measurable rain in 4 months. Even though I bitched up a storm about the lack of rain last year, this year is so much worse. The fires are happening so often now, I'm barely even motivated to go out and take pictures.

The clouds were especially interesting, because it was over a hundred degrees. We never get rain when we are in a heat wave. I mean never.

Everything became oddly humid, and all I could think about was - those people back East are always mocking us. It could be 112 here, but they'd say "oh, but its a dry heat". You're fine. Yet, when it's 85 back East, they are moaning it feels like a hundred. So, what does it equate to when its over a hundred and humid?

Anyway - I was hoping for rain. I said that. I was sure I'd see unicorns first.. but whatever.

Long story short - or long... the storm basically set Northern California on fire. They are all about 50 miles or more from me - but this is like the 4th major fire in a month. We got smoke on the first Santa Cruz fire. And the second. It was slightly worse with the Monterrey fire. We got ash. This one is a complete sun blocker. And while my area hasn't been directly affected, we are surrounded on all sides by mountains, so the smoke just sits in the valley. And sits.

It is just wearing on me. My eyes have been burning for two days. When I did the orbiter this morning, my lungs burned. Everything is covered in a layer of dirt. Even all the trees. Washing cars is futile. The fog just rolls in, and makes the ash heavy and drops it.

And we still have 3 more months of summer. I'm seriously considering vacationing in the Midwest.


  1. GERMANY baby!!
    The weather is clear and cool. We have rain ever night, and the Germans are still in the European Championship, so everyone is in a good mood.

    And, I alays know you can be tempted by good coffee and pasteries!!

  2. Oh that doesn't sound good. Hope it settles soon.

  3. Well, if you wind up vacationing in or near Detroit, drop me a line.

    But much as I'd like to meet you in person, I really don't recommend vacationing in or near Detroit. Seriously. Ever. :-p

  4. MDG - Whaaat? No soccer hooligans?

    Mmmmm.. coffee. Pastries.

    Caramaena - Thank you.

    Kasia - Yeah.. if they could just grow some fantastic coffee - it might improve tourism.

    Some people are just slutty for good coffee.

  5. Yeah, our coffee is crap. There's no arguing that.