Monday, June 09, 2008

Not to sound snobby.

My First thought is:

Who paints a Ferrari this color?

My Second thought was:

How crazy is it that I see enough Ferrari's, that baby shit brown is a problem?

Back in the day - it could have been Spackle colored and you would just say "wow - it's a Ferrari". But I have to admit, I've seen 3 Ferrari's this week.

Nope - still sounds snobby. I'm still thinking this one looks better. Oh wait! Mr S. says this thing is a 12 cylinder. I think that means Zero to - In debt for the rest of your life in 3.5 seconds. That is a quarter of a million to you and me. I'll shut the fuck up now.

Lets all go "ooh". Even if it is baby-shit brown.


  1. Is that color "clay?" You're right Ferrari's should only come in one color--Ferrari red.

  2. Clay - that is a really good estimation. Maybe.

    We can agree on black. Can't we?

  3. ooh!

    Exactly. Or as my SIL puts it, "Give me a ticket red." And that goes for Ducati's, too!

  4. "And that goes for Ducati's, too!"--Right On!!

  5. You'd think that one could afford a new paint job.... :) And hope it's not that color by choice.... :)

    Maybe we are not giving the guy enough credit for strategy...after all, that color could repulse someone enough to make them want to steal something else.... Like one of those other, better colored Ferrari's you saw.... :)

    Speaking of expensive taste, I'm randomly walking downtown with a friend and my head turns at this completely cute little black shiny car parked there. As I rub the whiplash away, I note the make -- Maserati. I *would* be the one to pick out the most expensive car on the block.