Sunday, June 29, 2008

A box full of happiness.

Woobies are apparently hard to find. I couldn't get them locally, so I wound up finding some place online. I figured I should stock up. Or else the bunnies might disapprove.

The first company I ordered through couldn't deliver. And, I think Google Shopping might have exterminated them. I mean.. the last person you want to piss off is Google Shopping. Right? They have the satellite view of your property. They probably even know what you look like from Google street view.

At any rate... Google handled the problem quite quickly. But, I had to order from another company.

The woobies are now here, and bunnies are very happy.


  1. Happy bunnies are a very good (and very cute) thing.

    So the "woobies" are those warm fuzzy blankies that your bunny is sitting atop, defying any of his brother bunnies to TRY to take one of?

    This is what comes of having nieces and nephews, but no bunnies: I thought a woobie was a pacifier. :-)

  2. Those things must be comfortable. Dog deGallo's bed is made out of that material. It is the first bed we ever bought her, and is the only one that she has not eaten.

    Love the bunny love!

  3. You know! I don't know what is up with that material. That is why we buy them for the bunnies - they have a hard time eating them. Towels they will shred, but woobies are some magical substance.