Friday, June 06, 2008

The top 5 odd things about my bunnies.

1. Paisley is a neat freak. No really.

It was a few years ago when we were living at the old house - we realised she was aware of her surroundings, and very particular about them.

At night we usually take them into the bed to play while we are watching TV. I had painted a giant color square on the wall, because I was trying to figure out what color I was going to paint the room. She honed in on that color square and freaked out. Stamping at the color square. Bobbing her head to check it out. It took a while to get her settled down.

It was at this point we understood she could distinguish changes in a room. And to this day, we can't leave anything out in her view. She will stamp until you remove the offending item. This is especially bothersome if you leave something out before going to bed. She will wake your ass up, and force you to move it. All night long if she has to.

2. Willow hates the sound of change. So - no absent minded paying with coinage around here.

3. Saffron has dream terrors. Which bugs the shit out of us. At our place the norm has been - if you hearing screaming, prepare for a vet visit. We've never had another instance (outside of the occasional bad dream) that the bunnies scream unless they are in pain. But no - she has a dream terror. We come running in only to find out she is completely fine. She does this a lot. It isn't like she even lets out one little scream. She lets out several.

4. They love to be read to.

5. Kirby is smart enough to try and disguise when she is doing things she isn't suppose to. Which is kind of funny. When we first brought her home I started calling her Slow Kirby. I thought she had a low bunnyIQ. As time went on - we realised she was pretty damn clever. If she was digging in her cage, I'd have to squirt her with the water bottle to make her stop. Eventually she figured out that if she hid under a wooby or her tunnel, she couldn't get squirted. Not only does she hide - but she will move things around in her cage so she can hide. If she wants to dig in a particular spot, she'll move something there so she can hide under it and not get squirted.

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