Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today's Auto Blog.

Today I went to the Good Guys auto show. I keep telling you that I'm not into cars. But I keep going to these things. I can't explain it. Well.. I can a little bit. Remember last event - I didn't get any corn dogs? Well.

I figured we would spend about an hour - but we wound up staying for something like 4 hours. Really.

I'm not that thrilled with the shots. The venue is a photographic nightmare.

High gloss paint. Outdoors. On grass. Under trees. So I'm not going to bore you with too many of them. Lets just say I'm not going to be able to see a 57 Chevy for a while and think "oooh-nice old Chevy". So I'll just give you the ones I find more interesting. And remember the bar is pretty high. The CES auto show really makes it hard to be impressed.

This was an amazing Ferrari. I took a ton of shots, as he'd done some interesting tricked out stuff on the body. The trees f-ed that up. The car was super shiny.

The guys sitting next to it said some guy drove up with it, and basically took off. The normal routine was the owners were near by to answer questions. And do whatever guys do when they are around nice cars.

This apparently was a logging truck. I was super fascinated because the cab was super short. The people babysitting it - said the motor was under the cab. The called it a cab on top motor.

OH! This car had 26's. Seems like the big fad has been 22's. The boys were falling all over themselves being impressed with them. Even asking me - if I'd seen a car with them before. Because clearly I looked impressed.

This car was packed in so tight, that even with a wide angle lens - this picture is the best I got. Which is a bummer. The paint job was nice.

How can 26 inch wheels get any better?

Well.. 26's, with hyper color paint. And the 26's spin!

This was the closest hi-tech car there was. They were playing Wii Bowling on the monitor.

The car was so low, it was honestly scraping metal.

I have to say that even though these are not my crowd - the guys were super nice. It was great to go to an event where a cell phone wasn't on every ear. A really laid back event. I liked it.


  1. Something I learned about Sarge while we were looking for cars here in Germany. His dream (junker) car is a VW Bus. Is that a classic?

    I just think that he wants it so that when he starts driving Piko deGallo to intermediate school he can shame her to submission.

    We ended up getting a Ford Opal. It's like a clown car.

  2. Well - I don't know. The only thing I can think of is making pot jokes about them. Would it be rainbow colored? With a peace symbol painted on it?

    I think they should make a law that to be a classic - it had to be good to begin with. So - classic radio . Out.

    VW beetles are on the line. Except when Mexico tried to hoard them and make a Beetle army.

    And, why aren't you driving one of those? I'd assume Germany was full of them. Oh yes.. I'm full of stereotypes.