Saturday, May 03, 2008

Maker Faire '08 Part 6.

I'm not into this stuff. But a strange amount of my readers are. So, I took these pictures for you. Because I care!

Guy knits with one side of the sticks. Plays drums with the other side of them. At the same time!

I just thought these were cute. We only know one person with a baby - so we bought them one. It isn't bad that I'm going to put it on my bunnies first. Is it?

I don't know what this stuff was.. but it looked really soft.

Update: Mr S. is observant, and he tells me it was baby camel.

Maybe knitting is becoming faddish too. There was knitting stuff everywhere, and people knitting.


  1. One of our famous knitters (well, famous in the knitting world) The Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie Pearl McPhee
    was there.

    Knitting: it's the new yoga. Or the new black. Or the new whatever.

    Thanks for the knitting photos!!

  2. "Knitting: it's the new yoga.

    I like seeing the knitting stuff - but I can't sit still long enough to bond with knitting. I know there area few events coming up that will include this kind of stuff. So stay tuned for more. I have to play to my crowd and all.