Monday, May 19, 2008

If it's not Scottish - It's CRAP.

Yesterday we found ourselves at a teeny tiny Scottish games event. I was prepared for it to be pretty lame. My city doesn't seem to do anything well. It can't seem to figure out what the eclectic citizens want. I think they try to cater to the art crowd, which pisses off the techies and soccer moms. And the old people skew everything. Shouldn't they be eating mush?

Throw in a few wacky government types.. and hell - maybe it isn't as easy to please everyone as I thought. But I'm telling you... a new fondue restaurant isn't a good start. How many times do you see yourself going to fondue? Really.

Anyway! Back to the games. I have to say up front my only motivation was corn dogs. There is something you need to know about me. I'm pretty weird about food. I will get on these kicks. Whatever it happens to be - (like corn dogs) is all I'll want for months. Then I'll never eat it again.

For instance, I've probably eaten 4 corn dogs in 10 years. But right now... I just want corn dogs. I don't know what it is. In a few months, I'll be off them. Then I probably wont have another corn dog for years.

So, we get to the games. It was pretty lame as I expected. Although, it was kind of cute everyone was so into their characters. Everyone was calling you ma'lady and crap. We walk the whole place, and finally wind up in their lame attempt at a food court. And..... they are sold out of corn dogs!

For the love of the Galactica gods. WHY? Who sells out of corn dogs?

I know its a Scottish gathering and all - and it's appropriate to have food geared for the culture. But it's about 95 degrees out, and it isn't looking like anyone is into fish or crab cake sandwiches. A leg of turkey, or haggis pot pies really seem a little vomit inducing in the heat. Yet they can't seem to keep themselves in the one food item people seem to want. Corn dogs.

At this point I'm convinced that 25% of the slowdown in the economy is just because vendors can't figure out how to cater to the public. We will buy stuff - if you just give us what we want!

I was so bitter at the corn dog thing, I completely didn't notice the deep fried twinkies on the sign. Which in retrospect, I'd probably hate. Not a twinkly fan.. but I think deep fried Twinkies are really just something you should probably try at least once. Right?

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