Friday, May 02, 2008

Causing trouble.

I'd hoped to get out of the Canton house without having any more run-ins with the neighbors. Here and Here. I didn't escalate the last situation - and the rest of them finally left me alone, and let the remodel happen. So.. I thought I was home free. Until today.

You see.. at the end of the block lives some people who own pocket rockets. I would have never noticed them. Except they like to take off from their house full throttle. In the space of about ten houses on a souped up bike, I'd guess they get to about 50 miles an hour.

I'd been ignoring the whole situation. I'd noticed it... but it isn't my neighborhood. I don't really care. Plus I was busy, so I pretty much tuned it out. A few weeks ago my realtor friend made a comment about it making her husband cranky. I guess pocket rocket guy had been riding down the street doing wheelies. Still don't care. Did I mention it wasn't my neighborhood?

Two weeks ago - Alpha contractor expressed he was getting pissed about it. I think his words were "I'm getting ready to throw a wrench at him". I mean... there are a ton of kids on the block. That was one of the reasons I liked the neighborhood. It is in the best school district in town. Apparently that means a lot.

Anyway - today, Alpha contractor flipped a nut. I heard him say something, and before I knew it - I saw him down in front of pocket rocket guys house. When he came back he told me that he called the police on the guy. Shit - I think.

I mean.. I understand why it upsets him. "You care about kids don't you"! But - I just don't feel like it is my place. Let these other neighbors police their neighborhood. At any rate - the police show up. Talk to Alpha contractor. Then want to tour my house. I'm not sure if they were looking for illegals, or actually interested. Whatever.

When the cop left I said to Alpha contractor. "Hey - Alpha contractor! Did you notice that cop never took his hand off his taser?" I just found it odd.

At any rate - I've surely pissed off the whole neighborhood. With my noise. And run-ins with the immediate neighbors. I'm sure my house is going to get vandalised now.

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