Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of course I have pictures.

I'm about two days late... but:

I thought this was kind of funny. I wasn't sure how they hauled around the cabers.. but it makes sense now.

I loved that they made one of these electronic vehicles into a mini fire truck.

Clearly Scottish. Right?

Asian Scottish? Can you convert?

This was one of those Scottish fold cats that MDG made me aware of. Otherwise.. it's just a cat booth. Meh. But this one really should have had medical come in. The poor thing was panting from the heat. Not cool!


  1. There's a video of a baby Scottish Fold on CuteOverload. Total "mewling" action! It almost makes me want to get a cat.

    And the Asian =/= Scottish thing. Only if your last name is Oshima. Then you can convert it to O'Shima.
    Or is that only for the Irish?

  2. You can't convert, but Scots have gotten around the world for a long time. And unless you bump into the extremely uptight, there aren't any tartan police.

    So the braw laddie might well be descended from Scots, or, being of good sense, might just like being around them.

    Did you know that in the athletic competitions, there's a difference between a throw and a toss? A throw is for distance, a toss is for distance. So Highland games have a hammer throw, but a caber toss.

    The objective is to have the caber turn 180 degrees in the air and land straight away from athlete. If the caber were the hand of a clock, the athlete would be at the center, and the ideal toss lands at 12 noon.

    And as they say back home, Chan fhiach cuirm gun a còmhradh.

  3. What?! No knitting pics!!??? Kidding!!! Really, just kidding! Please don't seesnake me. ;~)

  4. "there aren't any tartan police."

    Well - shouldn't there be? Really? Just to make sure everyone is wearing the proper under tartan garb. Which means none of course. It should be a rule. Right?

    "Did you know that in the athletic competitions, there's a difference between a throw and a toss? "

    No. I...did..not. I haven't watched many of the games in a while. I mostly go to see the finale. A few hundred bag pipers playing amazing grace. It stops you in your tracks.

  5. Re the tartan police:

    A lot of the clan tartan folderol was manufactured out of whole cloth (so to speak) during the romanticist revival of All Things Scottish, with Sir Walter Scott as one of the leaders of the charge. He persuaded George IV ('the wee German laddie') to saunter through Scotland in a kilt.

    All my ancestors came from the Highlands, so I love the pipes, too, though I've already left instructions that under no circumstances is anyone to play Amazing Grace at my funeral. I'd prefer something that wasn't used in a Star Trek movie -- like Leaving Glen Affric.