Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some days...

I really am amazed at how easy it is to amuse me. Today it was escalators for your shopping cart. I'd never seen one before. Everyone else at the store was like "oh yeah.. so what". Made me feel like a podunk who just fell out of a cave. But I found them highly entertaining. I don't know why. Who can understand these things. They just were.

Have any of you guys seen these things yet - or am I the last person on the planet to discover them?


  1. I've seen them at two-level Target stores for several years. My hunch is that the escalators offer better cart-throughput than an elevator could. Once a person with a cart rolls into the elevator and closes the door, there's no cart transport, while the escalator is theoretically always ready.

    It's the sample principle behind the endless succession of "buggies" at the Disney haunted mansion attraction -- much more efficient than loading people into the River Cruise boats.

  2. It's a new one on me. See? I TOLD you that you have all the cool toys!!

  3. Dave - for several years? Holy crap.. now I'm going to have to start refering to them like "the google". I don't understand all those new fangled technolgies. Get off my lawn!

    Do we have flying cars yet, and I just have been living in a cave?

    WN- HA ha.

  4. At least five years, probably more; I don't keep a Target diary.

    Like Alan Kay said, technology is anything invented after you were born. Everything else is just part of the scenery.