Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I feel robbed and embarrassed.

Remember when I was at Maker Faire and I bought one of these Bunny Beanies? Post here. I was going to take pictures of my bunnies in it, then hand it off to a friend who just had a newborn.

Anyway... I got it home, and opened the container. Inside was just yarn. I looked at Mr S., and said "what the hell"?

Apparently it was just a kit. And if I weren't so ADD and illiterate I might have read the container. In my defense, I would have thought for 25 bucks, it might have already been assembled. 25 bucks for yarn!

Now I can't take cute bunny pictures. I have this yarn I have no use for. Pisses me off.

Later that night I say to Mr S. "Maybe your friends' wife knits. Lots of chicks do that these days". He decides to tell his buddy the story. We debated on whether we should reveal wanting to use his gift for props before we gave it to him. But Mr S. even told him that part.

I kind of feel like an asshole. "Hey - here is this cute gift! You have to make it yourself though". I'm sure he was thinking "wow - thanks for everything asshole".


  1. $25 is not out of line for a kit. Cute hat.

  2. I laughed when I first saw the post about that, thinking "I wonder if she's going to knit it herself?"

    I'm laughing again. Sorry.

  3. For real!? Babies have teenie tiny heads.

    I think I could have gotten the kid a real bunny head for 25 bucks.

    OH! Wait... does kit mean "includes tiny robot for assembly"? Is that what I'm missing? Cause, I lost interest after finding out it was just yarn.

  4. Eeek! MDG!

    It is funny. Now....

    I'm starting to understand that I did the equivalent of buying a model kit, and then being surprised I had to put it together myself.