Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mmmmm.... honey.

I actually had two day passes for Maker Faire - but, I just couldn't bring myself to get up enough energy to drive there and deal with the traffic. Maker Faire was packed. When we were leaving at 3:00 yesterday there will still hundreds of people in line to get in. I just couldn't do it.

However - I hadn't managed to get my faire food itch scratched yesterday. Other than corn dogs, and garlic fries - I was still wanting crappy food today. Luckily my city was having a honey festival. I was pretty much too tired to do that too.. but I figured I could suck it up for an hour to get corn dogs. Here are all the shots I got.

This was the most interesting thing at the festival. Work from Metal Souls.

We also wound up stalking the Canton house today. My agent friend was having an open house. Normally I don't like to visit the houses when they are open. I feel nervous about what people are going to say. But I also feel like my friend might be massaging my ego. I want to know how people really feel.

I thought it would be pretty dead at the house, since everyone in town was at the honey festival. And I mean everyone. It looks to me like people are tired of not spending money.. because I'd never seen the place so full.

Anyway - at first I wasn't going to go, but I thought she might be lonely. When we got there, a few cars were there. People seemed to be spending a lot of time looking at the place. Which is a good sign. If people just walk in and out, they don't think much of the place. The more time they spend, the more in love they fall. At least that is my hope.

Brokers tour was also pretty good last Thursday. There was a higher than average turn out. Of course, none of this means anything until an offer is made. But it's interesting from a market standpoint. If you are into that kind of thing.

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